How To Get More Real Instagram Followers In 2020: The Definitive Guide

Comment on the most recent photos – a technique not very “elegant” but often effective, to attract new followers is to search for a popular hashtag on Instagram, click on the most recently published photos (e.g., in the last hour), and comment on them. Not sure if an image will mesh with your existing spread of Instagram photos? Ideally, you will earn most or all of your Instagram followers organically. The magic happens when you introduce your followers – and potential followers – to the people behind your products. Having a solid brand presence is very important in the digital world to reach your business’s potential. Influencers in your industry are often a good choice, and complementary businesses (think an activewear business and a yoga studio) are a great call. Of course. The social media marketing industry is on the rise, giving birth to the practice of safely purchasing Instagram likes. Do Stalkers Appear First on Instagram Following List? They will follow you and regularly ‘Like’ and comment on your Instagram photos.

B2B: Post photos and videos depicting office life, workplace advice, or any niche images your audience would appreciate. B2C: Product photos and explanatory videos do well. Social media was initially created for us to be well… Some social media marketers will tell you to post to Instagram 3-4 times a day for best results, and while that’s a good general rule of thumb, what matters most is consistency. For more ways to work with social media influencers, get our free guide. The next thing you need to do to make your photo more attractive is to use filters. The good news is that lots of folks are already posting excellent content that’s relevant to your industry, and many are happy to let you repost it, provided you get their permission and give them photo credit in your caption. Length doesn’t matter much in terms of engagement, so feel free to be as concise or verbose as needed, provided your message adds value to your visual.

The number of followers that a person maintains can genuinely change your perception of them – you might respect them more, or take them more seriously, feel further inclined to trust their opinion, or precisely the opposite depending on whether you’re an anarchist. Whether you highlight an employee hard at work or demonstrate new uses of a product, one thing’s for sure: You’re humanizing your brand in the process. For example, if you provide janitorial services to tech companies, think sleek skyscrapers, cutting-edge gadgets, or a video of an employee answering a common question in the sales process. If you sell lipstick, post a close-up of red lips or a video showing how to blend two shades. It’s challenging to post your unique content consistently. Think of yourself as a content curator rather than a salesperson. Of course, it is critical to think about when your audience is most likely to spend time on Instagram. My sources tell me to try this out.

While some think it’s best to apply only high pop hashtags, that isn’t the case. People using Instagram have a high rating than the one using Facebook. Your account must be public, and you must have a minimum of 50 Instagram Followers to participate. They even have a refund policy, which means that if you don’t like your delivery results or something goes wrong, you don’t lose out at all. Ensure the comment has at least five lines, provides value, and DON’T promote you or your business. Instagram has grown exponentially to become the platform of choice for business and social interactions. The platform offers 100% authentic, engaging Instagram followers and high-quality views. In other words, by making your account private, you abandon any other form of audience discovery on the platform. We have TikTok packages, TikTok followers, TikTok likes, TikTok views, TikTok shares – including them into your promotion will positively affect your popularity, your reputation. They will help you with building a significant and permanent audience in no time.

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