Workout: Legs 300 Reps


Legs 300 reps (20 reps each) Squats 25 lbs (2) Step forward lunges left Right Wide squats Side lunges left Right Calf raises left Right Deep narrow squats Step forward lunges left Right Squat hops Calf raises left Right Deep…

Workout: Abs

Ab workout: Decline crunches 15 lbsOb and leftRightBar: knee lifts V upsDecline crunches Ob lifts 25 lbs leftRight Bar: leg raisesDecline crunches 10 lbsBicycles 40Bar: leg oversDecline crunchesIn/outsBar: knee lifts

Workout: Pull


I recently posted about my new workout intentions. I think I might vary it a bit and combine some muscle groups. I’d still aim to workout each muscle group once every 2 weeks, but combined with others. So today was…

Today’s Workout: Legs


20 reps each in about 30 mins: squats w 60 lbsFront step lunges leftRightSquats w 30 lbsSide lunges leftRightJumpsLunges leftRightSquats 10 lbsCalf raises rightLeftSquats 10 lbsLunges rightLeft

Soylent 7-Day Experiment


I’ve been reading more about Soylent and people experimenting living on it for a week (or more). I’ve thought about doing something similar w/ my shake recipe for 7 days. I think my shake is mostly better for you (made of…

Project Kratos Workout: Day 5


This workout probably felt the best (most productive). I really nailed the Inverted Row (alternate) and felt it the next day (this workout was a few days ago). Overall, I still like the workout, but I still need to work…

Project Kratos Workout: Day 3


I did the third workout yesterday. It went well – felt good and was hard to do. I’m working more on the form so my reps aren’t getting higher… but that’s good b/c ultimately they’re better reps. I still feel…

Soylent Food Replacement Experiements


I’d say if you’re looking to just stay alive Soylent might be your thing. UPDATE: I used my shake recipe for a 1-week experiment. Otherwise, I’d stick to real food w/ all the nutrients AND enzymes, probiotics, macro/micronutrients, variety, taste, etc.! If…

Kratos: Day 2


I did my second Kratos workout yesterday (first workout). It was tough – I felt I did a bit better w/ the form, but not much more in reps. That’s fine – I want to get it right. It was…

Kratos: Day 1


Just finished day 1 of Kratos. I decided to go ahead and start since… I wanted to. It was pretty rough… in a good way. I used a timer to shoot for 90 seconds and did about the right number…

My Current Workout


This month, the month after P90X3, I’m taking it a bit… not easy… simpler. I do 1 muscle group per day: bicep, tricep, chest, back, abs, shoulders, legs. Then I do the elliptical for 30-60 mins. For the muscle group…

P90X3 Review and Results


I did P90X (multiple times) a few years ago and got great results. I lost weight, gained muscle and flexibility, felt better and generally improved my fitness. So I wanted to review my thoughts on P90X3 there… While it wasn’t…